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4th April 2018

GP visits to care homes reduce hospital admissions by nearly 40%

25th December 2017

Voucher plan to help pay for elderly care

13th December 2017
The state of social care shames us all

10th March 2017

Care home managers play a pivotal role in raising quality standards, and more are needed

Janet Gilder has spent 42 years working in social care, more than half of that time as a manager. Today she runs a care home in Highgate, north London, where she is responsible for 41 older people with an average age of 93. Gilder has seen the manager role change over the past two decades as the sector has expanded and the culture of regulation and inspection has developed. “I think it’s a very different world today,” she says. “I came in as a qualified nurse but I think now it’s more about being an administrator – people aren’t necessarily coming in from a caring background.”


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