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4th April 2018

GP visits to care homes reduce hospital admissions by nearly 40%

21st March 2018

Funding gap for care home charges filled by service users, says report

16th March 2018

Pharmacists funded to work in care homes in England

15th March 2018

Dementia UK lauds frontline nurses with emotional animation

6th March 2018

Counting the cost of adult social care as councils set spending budgets

1st March 2018

Call for government to ditch ‘discriminatory’ PIP rules for NHS care home stays

19th February 2018

Dementia research must study care as well as cure

15th February 2018

Social care allowances are confusing – the government must offer clarity

8th February 2018

Fears over pressure on care system as National Audit Office warns staff and funding are not sustainable 

28th January 2018

Social care at ‘tipping point’ as back pay crisis grows, warn councils

23rd January 2018

Dementia sufferers 'wiped out' financially in 'unfair' care system, says Jeremy Hunt

19th January 2018

6 reasons why we need dementia-friendly financial services

18th January 2018

Dementia study adds to calls for more funding of music therapy

Music can help reduce symptoms but only 5% of care homes are using it effectively, finds report

12th January 2018

Warning over 'trust' schemes supposed to help families avoid paying for care

11th January 2018

Ombudsman calls for councils to be clear on care home costs

10th January 2018

We need a new care deal to tackle the challenges of an ageing population

3rd January 2018

Social care in 2018: time to think about the future workforce

25th December 2017

Voucher plan to help pay for elderly care

20th December 2017

Government warned against using council tax to 'plug gap' in social care funding

16th December 2017

Social care postcode gap widens for older people

13th December 2017
The state of social care shames us all

6th December 2017

David Cameron admits 'we didn't solve' problem of funding social care for Britain's ageing population

1st December 2017
Sleep-in pay crisis:
should you join HMRC’s new Social Care Compliance Scheme?

30th November 2017

Care homes: Public 'pay unfair fees to plug £1bn shortfall'

28th November 2017

Care workers 'exhausted' by staff shortage

14th November 2017

We can't fix social care if we think it's just for older people 

10th November 2017
Care 'will take up most of our council tax within three years': Rapid rise in costs could see fresh curbs on bin rounds, road repairs and street lighting

9th November 2017

How to design websites for older people

2nd November 2017

Social care funding can't take any more setbacks. It needs reform now

2nd November 2017

Overnight carer back pay scheme 'unaffordable'

29th October 2017

Why care costs are spiralling at up to twice inflation 

27th October 2017
Lack of choice means families have to settle for poor care homes: Nearly a fifth are forced to leave loved ones in a home they have reservations about because of a shortage of places

23rd October 2017

A job in care – what’s it worth?

15th February 2017

Dear Debbie Corti-Young,

The Government has responded to the petition you signed – “Theresa May: Seek an urgent cross-party solution to the health and care crisis”.

Government responded:

The Government recognises the pressures on the health and social care system. It is supporting the NHS’s own plan for the future and going further than ever before to integrate health and social care.

The Government knows that the NHS is facing many challenges and there are increasing pressures on all parts of the health and care system. It is important to remember that the pressures faced by the NHS are common to most developed health systems and are due to, amongst other things, an ageing population, changing public expectations and the cost of new drugs. However we have more doctors, more nurses, more paramedics all delivering more treatments than ever, funded by a budget at record levels.

The NHS and wider health system has already examined what needs to be done to ensure the sustainability of the health and care system. This is why in the Spending Review in November 2015, the Government committed to increase funding for the NHS in England, with funding to be £10 billion higher in real terms by 2020-21, compared to 2014-15. This is the money that the NHS in England asked for and will support the NHS’s own plan for its future – the Five Year Forward View – which set out what needs to change and how this can be achieved of this new funding. £6 billion will be provided by the end of this year, kick starting the process of change, and enabling the Government to deliver Government objectives including seven day services and improved access to cancer treatments and mental health services. The Five Year Forward View is available on NHS England’s website –

We are making progress towards strategic system changes and new models of care. There is emerging evidence that the vanguards have had a significant impact, reducing pressure on busy services at local level since their launch. In the Fylde Coast Local Health Economy vanguard for example, early figures show that bringing different health professionals under one roof to support older patients with multiple conditions reduced A&E attendance by 13%. We will continue to support this work to design a world class health system, fit for the future.

Alongside this, we are giving local authorities access of up to £3.5 billion of new support for social care by 2019-20, through the social care precept and the Better Care Fund. And aware of the more imminent pressures on social care, the Government took the necessary steps in the recent Local Government Settlement to help in the shorter-term, making available almost £900 million of additional social care funding over the next two years.

The Government believes that the answer to the challenges faced by the health and social care system lies in delivering more integrated services and keeping people well and independent for longer, and in working with the NHS in implementing its own plan for the future of the NHS – the Five Year Forward View.

Department of Health

Click this link to view the response online:

The Petitions Committee will take a look at this petition and its response. They can press the government for action and gather evidence. If this petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the Committee will consider it for a debate.

The Committee is made up of 11 MPs, from political parties in government and in opposition. It is entirely independent of the Government. Find out more about the Committee:

The Petitions team
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