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4th April 2018

GP visits to care homes reduce hospital admissions by nearly 40%

21st March 2018

Funding gap for care home charges filled by service users, says report

16th March 2018

Pharmacists funded to work in care homes in England

15th March 2018

Dementia UK lauds frontline nurses with emotional animation

6th March 2018

Counting the cost of adult social care as councils set spending budgets

1st March 2018

Call for government to ditch ‘discriminatory’ PIP rules for NHS care home stays

19th February 2018

Dementia research must study care as well as cure

15th February 2018

Social care allowances are confusing – the government must offer clarity

25th December 2017

Voucher plan to help pay for elderly care

13th December 2017
The state of social care shames us all

27th October 2017
Lack of choice means families have to settle for poor care homes: Nearly a fifth are forced to leave loved ones in a home they have reservations about because of a shortage of places
  • 'Systematic failures' mean half of those needing care have to wait for a bed 
  • The lack of places meant 17 per cent of families were forced to move their loved ones into care homes that they had reservations about  
  • And 16 per cent of families had to opt for a home away from friends and family


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