Hampshire Care Awards 2022 - Hampshire Care Association

The Hampshire Care Awards is an annual event organised and hosted by Hampshire Care Association, to celebrate outstanding individuals and providers of adult social care across the county.

Hampshire Care Awards

The next awards will take place June 2023

The Hampshire Care Awards is an annual event organised by the Hampshire Care Association. The awards recognise the many outstanding individuals and providers of adult social care in Hampshire, and brings them together for a special night of celebration.

The awards celebrate the achievements of individuals across 13 different award categories – with three nominees in each category and the winner announced on the night. In addition, the Blue Rose Award recognises an individual/s or organisation that the Hampshire Care Association feel has made an exceptional contribution to care in Hampshire.

This year’s event was postponed from last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic – making it feel even more special to get together. The ceremony was held at St Mary’s stadium, Southampton, on Thursday 9th June.

We were honoured to be joined by Dr Dawn Harper, a GP who has hosted the Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies, who hosted these special awards. 

Dr Dawn Harper said:

“It was an absolute delight to spend an evening with some amazing people celebrating all that is amazing about care in Hampshire. A brilliant event, well organised and full of feel good factor.”

HCA Events Coordinator Debbie Carpenter said:

“This was a special night for people across the care sector. For many, it was the first time they had been able to have a night out, a meal, a dance, and a get-together for two and a half years. They have all put their lives on hold through the pandemic because of the jobs they do, and so recognising their amazing work and achievements felt incredibly special and important. Everyone loved it.”

The winners were:

Manager of the year 

Tracey Elvey from Care Together, New Forest

Sponsored by Care Choices 

“Tracey has lead the team through this tough year keeping staff and service users safe. Our low staff turnover is a reflection of the way Tracey runs Care Together. We often have phone calls from other professionals and families of potential service users that start the phone call by saying: ‘My G.P says it’s time to get some care input but it must be Care Together, phone them and talk to Tracey’, this reflects how special Tracey is.”

Carer of the year

Sumatria Cockerell from Brookvale House, Southampton 

Sponsored by Comax 

“Known fondly to us all as Deo she will always give the residents time to choose their preferences for the day , be it in clothing, food, activities with great patience and care. She always gives a personalised service and leaves their rooms tidy, just how they want it.”

Frontline leader of the year

Sally Ridley from Nightingales Golden Care, Portsmouth 

Sponsored by Lester Aldridge 

“Sally is nearing retirement age and has dedicated her life to the care of others with a passion that is obvious to all who work with her. Sally is a client and relative favourite who leads by example and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty, rolling up her sleeves and doing whatever needs to be done.”

Ancillary of the year

Marilyn Nash from Willow Lodge Care Home, Emsworth 

Sponsored by Elgee Training

“During Covid-19, Maz took it upon herself to move into the home for a while to ensure that the residents’ meals and supplements were consistently given. She ensured that all preparations and meals were ordered and given to the residents.”

Chef/ Cook of the year

Julian Smith form Woodlands Ridge, Southampton 

Sponsored by Medina Foodservice

“Julian’s menus are resident-led and inclusive of different cultures and religions and there is always a themed night to look forward to. Julian is dedicated to his role within the home and making a difference to the residents that live within the service.”

Newcomer of the year 

Cyndi Edwards from Blenheim Court Nursing Home, Liss 

Sponsored by HCC Impact

“Cyndi is loved by the residents, the staff and all that meet her for her amazing energy and force of positivity that follows her around – you can’t meet Cyndi without smiling or laughing. She has worked in every department in the home – you would never know she hadn’t done it before! A true inspiration to everyone that lives with mental health issues, she has come a long way and will go so much further – a true inspiration to all.” 

Activity coordinator of the year

Donna Fallis from Woodlands Care Home, Waterlooville  

Sponsored by Southampton City Council

“Donna goes above and beyond for the residents and staff at Woodlands. She takes care of all our wellbeing and during Covid lockdown ran sessions for staff mental wellbeing. Donna has been with us just over three years and she has started so many wonderful projects including links with the local community, a nursery session three times a week and a brunch club with a local learning disability project.”

Volunteer of the year

Simon Taskis from Shedfield Lodge, Southampton 

Sponsored by Hampshire County Council

“Simon’s dedication and commitment is outstanding, appreciated and has had a positive impact on individuals both directly but equally indirectly. Simon has built relationships with many people and continues to remain in contact with them throughout. Those who aspire and initiate improvement/change/ or at least a conversation of hope are those who should be recognised’.

Excellence in dementia care of the year

Sally Ridley from Nightingales Golden Care, Portsmouth 

Sponsored by Harvest Fine Foods

“Sally will spend time with service users using getting to know how dementia affects them personally and will demonstrate to staff how best to work alongside them in a way that celebrates their strengths and keeps clients doing the things that they love.”

Outstanding innovation & best practice:

Simon Taskis from Shedfield Lodge, Southampton 

Sponsored by Solicitude Training

“Assisting in getting CCTV into the home and promoting its use. As a result of this, service users have not had to attend hospital and have been looked after in the home. During the pandemic this has saved lives. Families have not had to worry that their loved one is in hospital. During 2020 covid year CCTV saved 262 service users going to hospital from four care homes. This is all done as a volunteer”

Residential care home of the year:

Hollybank Rest Home, Botley 

Sponsored by Gemstar

“The staff seem to have been carefully picked and trained to be kind, cheerful, clearly spoken, thoughtful, polite, caring, observant and unflappable. They all care as much about the families’ concerns as they do about the residents and are extremely helpful and obliging if they possibly can be. They are happy and well-led by their Manager with whom they seem have a very good relationship and who excels at communicating with both staff and family members alike.” 

Nursing home of the year

Sutton Manor, Winchester 

Sponsored by Christie & Co

“The team within Sutton Manor are very knowledgeable. It is obvious that each and every member of staff has the best interests of their residents at heart, from manager all the way to cleaner and every step in between. ”

Homecare provider of the year 

The Good Care Group, Farnborough 

Sponsored by Aston Brooke Solicitors

“Having previously established a digital platform that allows carers to record all documentation, the platform’s follow-on phase ‘the Client Community’ was launched successfully in 2020. Families can now access care notes, review what their loved one has eaten, outings they’ve taken, incidents, petty cash spend, weekly updates and more. A relative said ‘it gives me huge reassurance. Living so far away I now have oversight of E’s care’.  Families love chatting and sharing ideas with one another via its social forum.”

Blue Rose Award: 

The Blue Rose Award is a special award which is given by the Hampshire Care Association Executive Committee to a person/s or organisation they feel has made an exceptional contribution to care in Hampshire, and who deserve particular recognition.

This year, the committee decided to present the award to Floyd Pattison and Jane Helliwell who own a nursing home and domiciliary care company in Southsea. 

Clare Norris, Hampshire Care Association Chair, said:

“Floyd and Jane have been working in the care sector for more than 20 years. In that time, they have both contributed a huge amount to the sector locally – running local managers meetings in Portsmouth, and representing the views of providers, residents and staff in many different forums. They both spent many years on the Executive Committee of the HCA, contributing to the association, and pushing for the best deal for the care sector. They are great believers in the importance of collective action and the principle that working together gives care providers the best chance of bringing about real change.”

In addition, Hampshire Care Association will be presenting the prestigious Blue Rose Award.

Presenter Dr Dawn Harper