International Recruitment: Employment Support



The Code of Practice for the international recruitment of health and social care personnel has many requirements for the appropriate support and induction of workers which can be found here:

Code of Practice for the international recruitment of health and social care personnel –

You should take your time to read the Code and make sure you comply with all the requirements.  Throughout this information hub you can find information on good practice on employing and retaining your new worker which supports your compliance with the Code.    

The Code sets out the information requirements you must give any applicant before they accept. Information in this hub will help you with that.  You must also provide details of trade unions which can not only offer employment support but also benefits including discounts in many areas of life.

UNISON has a new migrant member network the details of which can be found in these two links: 

The Code of Practice also makes clear that each international recruit must be made aware of how to find help and assistance in all aspects of their appointment.  

You may wish to include in their induction links to local organisations which give free employment advice


Advice Portsmouth

Citizens Advice


Citizens Advice


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Citizens Advice

Isle of Wight

Citizens Advice

Raising Employment Concerns

You should make your international recruit aware of how they can raise concerns about their employment and you may too have concerns during the recruitment of any worker.

All concerns must be reported to the appropriate authority as set out below.

Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority

The Gangmasters Labour Abuse Authority is set up to protect vulnerable workers from exploitation.

Anyone can report information in confidence about an employer who may be exploiting the welfare and rights of health or social care personnel by:

Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate

The Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate regulates employment agencies and businesses and enforces minimum standards of conduct in the recruitment sector.

Anyone can report concerns about the conduct of a recruitment organisation, agency or collaboration based in Great Britain – including if they are charging work-finding fees or they, or someone they know, have not been paid for all hours worked – by:

  • telephone: 020 7215 4477 and ask to speak to an Employment Agency Standards (EAS) inspector
  • email: [email protected]
  • completing the online form to complain about pay and work rights

EAS has a Great Britain-wide remit – however, any concerns relating to fees or conduct of non-Great Britain-based agencies can also be reported to the Employment Agency Standards Inspectorate using the contact details provided above.

ACAS (the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service)

ACAS provides advice on the legal minimum wage, working hours and employment agencies.

Anyone who thinks that they might be being underpaid or that their employer has unsafe working practices can report concerns in confidence by:

  • telephone: 0300 123 1100
  • completing the online form to complain about pay and work rights

Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of healthcare and adult social care services in England.

Anyone with concerns about the care being provided by their employer can report this to the CQC. Before contacting the CQC, health or social care personnel may want to:

  • speak to their line manager or a senior member of staff about their concerns
  • read their employer’s whistleblowing policy, which will give them information on what to do

The CQC’s quick guide to whistleblowing or guidance for workers gives helpful advice on speaking out about poor care and what protection staff will have from the law. To report a concern:

  • complete the CQC online form: give feedback on care
  • email: [email protected]
  • telephone: 03000 616 161