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Fusion eCare

Fusion eCare is a provider of end-to-end Care Home Management software.  Fusion’s solutions enable care home owners and operators to have all their operational data in one place.    Delivering efficiencies through our client-centred features and reports.  Affordable and easy to use, our software is scalable from single care homes to large group operators.  From time…

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OnCare is an all-in-one care management system that helps to deliver outstanding personalised care, while keeping data and staff safe.  It has everything a home-care agency might need all in one system: scheduling & rostering; medication management; call monitoring; friend & family access; alerts and assessments; and finance tools (payroll, invoicing and mileage reports).  OnCare is already…

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PainChek is the World’s First Intelligent Pain Assessment tool for people living with dementia. This new medical device, which is downloadable from the Apps Store or Google Play store, allows care providers to assess pain levels quickly, effectively, and accurately in people living with dementia or other cognitive impairments. In UK residential aged care facilities,…

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Sekoia is an Electronic Care Planning system for the care sector – designed to free up time for what is important – delivering the best possible care. Used on mobile and tablet devices, comprising a series of bespoke features, Sekoia is fully tailored to your service needs. Your care teams can easily access all the…

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Nourish Care is a Digital Care Planning provider that works with a range of different care services, including residential, nursing, dementia care, learning disabilities, large care groups and more. Nourish offers a flexible digital platform that can be tailored to each care service’s needs.  The app-based system is made up of digital care plans, custom interactions and…

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