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Beanbag Care

Beanbag Care is a set of digital services designed to keep the service user at the centre. The deployment of unobtrusive in-home technology provides insights and actionable data which supports proactive and preventative care models.
Beanbag Care enables the provision of better-quality care and a more comfortable environment, so that people can live in their own home for longer, safer, and with greater independence.

Beanbag Care is TSA accredited and part of a long-standing established business. We offer technology enabled care (TEC). With the upcoming analogue to digital switch over, technology is the way forward. However, we are not here to remove traditional personal care, but instead to compliment it through technology. By increasing connectivity with family we help to ease the pressure off social workers and care providers and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions.

Our services:
Assisted comfort and safety helps to keep people safe and warm in their own homes. Our solution uses sensors to maintain a safe and comfortable home environment, which prevents exacerbation of medical conditions and optimises energy consumption.

Quality care assured improves the quality-of-care people receive at home. Optimising operational effectiveness frees up more time to care and the provision of real-time feedback eases the administrative burden. We help to provide the right information, to the right person, at the right time. We also provide a tablet that can be used to video call family members and trusted people. This can help with isolation and with connecting people together.

Sleep monitoring provides insights into people’s wellbeing by detecting changes in routines, which is often indicative of a decline in their health or ability.  Automatic notifications to family or carers facilitate early intervention which can prevent deterioration.

Contactless fall detection provides reliable alerts and responses to falls, providing reassurance and peace of mind in the home, without needing to rely on wearable devices or pressing any button.


If you would like to discuss how Beanbag can support you, please email us at [email protected], or call us on +44 0196 2826213.