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PainChek is the World’s First Intelligent Pain Assessment tool for people living with dementia. This new medical device, which is downloadable from the Apps Store or Google Play store, allows care providers to assess pain levels quickly, effectively, and accurately in people living with dementia or other cognitive impairments.

In UK residential aged care facilities, 70% of residents live with a form of dementia. Of those with dementia, 50% experience persistent/chronic pain. Being able to assess pain levels in residents with dementia is incredibly challenging as their communicative abilities deteriorate. Not only is it hard to identify the presence of pain, it is even harder to quantify it.

PainChek’s technology utilises facial analysis and AI to identify involuntary micro-facial expressions indicative of pain. The product walks the user through a series of automated workflows to assess other non-facial indicators of pain, producing an accurate pain score in less than 3 minutes.

PainChek vastly reduces the subjectivity of assessing pain and documents the process instantly. By having a robust assessment process in place, you can rest assured that you are making the most-informed interventions such as PRN usage.

PainChek also supports a shared care model and allows access to assessment data to GPs and allied healthcare professionals to ensure a holistic approach and review of a residents’ pain burden.

PainChek has been granted clearance as a medical device in the UK, Europe, Australia, and Singapore. The validity of the product has also been studied in various clinical studies which supports its effectiveness.

For more information visit:

http://www.painchek.com/uk/ or call 0333 577 3397 or email drew.hunt@painchek.com