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Person Centred Software

Person Centred Software offers a wide range of products, including the UK’s most widely used Digital Care Planning System; used by over 3,500 care providers throughout the UK, this fully mobile, icon-driven and easy-to-use system allows care staff to record over 50 care notes per resident per day. Something that is not possible on paper or with many other systems.    

Person Centred Software’s other products also focus on digitalising care. They include ATLAS eMAR, a visitor management system; Digital Reception, Oomph Wellbeing & Activities, a Maintenance and Asset Management tool and a Nursecall Messaging Service.    

With Person Centred Software’s products, care providers can reduce time spent on paperwork, give staff more time to spend with residents, get support with regulatory compliance and improve the quality of care for residents.     

Contact us:  01483 357657, hello@personcentredsoftware.com