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Sekoia is an Assured Digital Social Care Records (DSCR) supplier, so CQC registered providers can access grant funding through the Hampshire and IOW ICS in order to transition from paper to digital care plans and documentation.  

Benefits include significant time saving so care teams have more time to spend with people rather than writing notes. Plus efficiencies come from having information at your fingertips, allowing quick responses and proactive management of your service. Ensuring you are delivering the best possible care, and quality assurance and compliance can easily be evidenced.     

Sekoia is very flexible for any service type and whilst having numerous best practice templates and industry standard frameworks/Risk Assessments, can be adapted to be made just right for the needs of your service and the people you support.  

The Sekoia app is very user-friendly and can be used on any device – apple (iOS), Android, phones or tablets, and on computers. We can help with the supply of devices too.  

Our tried and tested hands-on implementation and ongoing support models ensure everyone is confident and competent using the system and that you get the most out of going digital.  

 Rachel Jarvis
Tel: 07747718933          
Email: [email protected]